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Lux & Jasper

Two creative personalities who create dreams into realities, zestful journeys for souls, and orchestrate the impossible for all to wonder.


Some wonderful praise from various event vendors and clients.

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J + K September 13 2014

LJ Oneto


Hiring Laura and her team as our wedding coordinators was one of the best decisions that we made during our wedding.  I interviewed a lot of wedding coordinators, but right from the beginning of our first phone call I knew I wanted to work with Laura.  She was so knowledgeable about the area, knowledgeable about vendors and was so genuinely upbeat and positive.  Our wedding was a destination wedding in Monterey with 260 wedding guests driving in from all over California and flying in from as far as New York.  Not being from the area, Laura was key to our wedding being a success.  The vendors she recommended, from the florist, to event rentals, to musicians, to the cake were wonderful.  Honestly I am so beyond happy with every recommendation she made.  She also did such an excellent job coordinating all the vendors and making sure everything fit within the design and vision that we wanted for our wedding.  This was a big task too as we had our wedding at the Club Del Monte, Naval Post Graduate Academy in Monterey, and being that the venue was on a naval base there were a lot of rules, regulations and restrictions that had to be followed (even prior to the event) for vendors to be allowed to even enter the premises day of.  Laura handled all of this and everything went so smoothly the day of our event. Additionally, something I really appreciated was Laura’s ability to work within our budget in creative ways by thinking outside the box.  For example, I really wanted a string quartet at the ceremony, but it’s extremely expensive to have all four strings.  After communicating this to Laura she was able to find a local high school student group that practices with professional quartets for a third of the price.  We hired them to perform at our ceremony and they were excellent (and excited to be given the chance to play)!  Another thing that I really loved about working with Laura was her communication skills and her reliability.  I am an attorney in Los Angeles and my schedule is often unpredictable, Laura was more than willing to have conference calls with me after hours, communicate by email, text and/or by phone depending on what worked best for me, and even would organize conference calls with other vendors after hours when I needed it!  I could also trust and rely on Laura 100%, when she said something would get done/she would handle something, it happened flawlessly.  I knew I could count on her to take care of everything – which believe me, when you are a bride there are a million things going on during your wedding, so having a coordinator you can rely on, trust and really communicate well with is so important and helps reduce stress!  I also really appreciated Laura’s honesty, always working within our vision but pointing out areas of concern when needed.  This allowed us to adjust when necessary and our day to be perfect!  During our entire wedding weekend, Laura and her team were there from start to finish.  This allowed me, my now husband and our families to truly be guests at our wedding and enjoy the entire day.  I would absolutely hands down, recommend that you hire Laura as your wedding event coordinator.  Not only will you have an amazing wedding, but by the end you will have a wonderful friend too!